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Posted by v.andronic on Mar 23, 2009 - 09:41 PM

Initial Consultation, Aircraft Feasibility, Travel Analysis, Aircraft Management, Aircraft Acquisitions, Aerial Photography, Safety and Compliance Audits, Manuals development

  Initial Consultation Not all situations require business aviation.
No two companies have the same requirements
There are no ready made, off the shelf solutions in aviation.
  Aircraft Feasibility Evaluate company’s travel requirements.
Construct framework of capability needed related to where and how it will operate.
Ascertain operational requirements such as type, size, speed and range.
Choose aircraft that will best satisfy the company’s needs Include for passenger comfort and amenities. Initial purchase cost of the basic aircraft.
Annual operating cost of the aircraft.
Where and how the aircraft is maintained.
  Travel Analysis How aircraft could contribute to operational capabilities.
  Aircraft Management Choosing a Home Base
Management and Control
Staffing and Training of Company
Flight Department
Setting Up Shop
Documentation and Support Services
  Aircraft Acquisitions We are not sales people. We do not sell aircraft or represent any one particular manufacturer.
  Fractional Ownership How to live like a millionaire – even if it's only part-time
  Aerial Photography Professionals is committed to providing the best in custom residential and commercial aerial photography
  Safety and Compliance Audits Our audit is a true "Process" and "Systems" audit that verifies that the flight operation is managed, organized, and run consistent with industry best practices and reflects a clear commitment to safety.
  Manuals development Operations and Maintenance Aviation Manuals



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